I just found these three beds in Decormag (Number 380) and I really liked them all.

The first one is so practical for small flats without an extra guest room. When overnight-guests are coming, you have a good bed, but because the open design of shelves and glas, it doesn't look as if there is a bed at all...

The bed from Shawn Lowell is good for all these outdoor friends and nature lovers, who are trying to integrate nature elements in their house, aswell.. maybe they will even love this tree-sculpture furniture from this Californian-based artist.

The third bed is made in true patchwork style. Its a mix'n'match of different Kenzo fabrics on a bed from Roche-Bobois.



This is a small collection of elephants in our home and two from the neighborhood... even without a real wish of collecting them...
they seem to find a new place in the house quite easily... Have a nice Sunday ahead.

Work in Progress

While trying to find out about Paisley (the pattern and not the town) I got so many sorts of articles from the Internet, that finally I got confused and what was supposed to become a small article, is still in the work-out phase.
I' m reading myself trough the complete history. This week I learned about Kashmir and Plants, Babylon and Production Methods and hopefully next week I will finally write my own article about Paisley... :-)
While working on this project, I got inspired and draw a small Paisley-Motif, which -how I found out some clicks in Gimp later- also could look very nice as an easter egg...



What is this?
An interesting piece of art.. a sculpture?

Nope, these are my two wooden pieces which are laying under nearly every piece I m working on... and so they even get a lot of extra color ;-)


Easy Details II -Working with Plywood-Applications and Color

Yes I know, it has been a while since I wrote anything in the 'Easy Details'-Section... I will try to find more inspirations soon.
This one is really an easy decoration. I bought the small packet with pre- cutted plywood pieces (mine one was for 1 $ from the Dollar Store and it had a lot of hearts, circles and ovals in it), laid the pieces on the wood in the way I wanted to create a pattern and then simply sticked it with glue. After it dried, I first colored the pieces in white, so that the plywood pieces were not just sticking to the wood with the glue, but even with the color.
Then I colored everything in different shades and easy pattern and ...voilá, everything was... ready.

My bed table already had a make-over from yellow to red-white... now I just added a few more details.

The mirror was a standard Ikea-product.. I colored it white and then added the applications...it is looking a bit candy-like, or?

The holder for my calendar got only some colorful details, which I found as a henna pattern at Google... it was really not difficult to paint.

My small golden mirror was in a dark white with half vanished comic stickers, when I saw it for the first time. A coat of white color and just a few golden accents later-plus a pearl embellishment, it was ready to find a new place in the living room.

The two frames with shells were from the very beginning meant to hang in the bathroom, but I struggled a long time thinking which color could be the best. When I bought them, they were baby blue, then I colored the frames in antique white, later in shining orange and then plain white. The four sticked plywood-quarters and the black color finally gave them the style, I intended to get. The shells motives on the quarters, I found again in Google, it was first a bit tricky for me to paint, but in the final result I really liked it. And together with a series of black and white photos, the shell frames found their place on the wall.



One of my all-time favorite mail order magazines in Germany was together with Conley's, the 'Impressionen-Katalog'.
Every time I was really looking forward to see the latest issue in my mailbox. I would sit down for a while with lots of cups of Earl Grey-Tea and reading it through.
It never looked like a typical catalog. The layout was nice, the production was well done and even when I never bought that much there, because it was quite expensive, I always got a lot of inspirations from this very catalog.
It more often felt like reading through a nice decoration magazine, with sleek white or funny, colorful furniture, dishes and 'different kind of' fashion, just that you were able to see the price of each item and that the catalog by itself was send free to your home... :-)
The things never felt dark or overly dramatic, it was a catalog for people, who want an open airy beach house feeling for their home, who doesn't take themselves or their life that serious and still like to have something else than just IKEA can provide...
and even when I am now living far away, its still worth to take from time to time a look in the online shop... even when its not the same...


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